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Looking for Funding, Guidance, Partners and Analytics

Benefits for your startup

Startups can enjoy access to a wide variety of functions on BYRSSA.


The platform aims to help startups set themselves up for their upcoming journey of growth and funding. We assess their strengths and weaknesses through analysis after which a startup has a wide variety of options to work on those elements. In this sense we work from the principles of a DIY accelerator where you get access to all the resources and make your own decisions on who to work with.


Aspects such as development can be covered by finding the right developer, lack of strategy can be dealt with by finding the best matching consultant and legislation can be dealt with by matching with the best legal team. We strive to find the best matching investors to the listed startups. Both in terms of fiscal value and expertise. Through our network of high profile professional investors we give you the most chance to succeed.

As a startup you have the ability to quickly and easily set up your own issuance. Through our own standardised issuance process any startup can set up its own Digital Asset Infrastructure in minutes therefore reducing time and legal paperwork typically required in traditional investment proceduresIssuing digital assets is a carefully guided process and yet offers enough flexibility to choose the right fit criteria for a given issuance.


Having a security token offering on BYRSSA platform provides an interesting opportunity to list and offer the tokens immediately on the market thus making  company’s equity a lot more liquid. This means the barrier towards the next funding round is  lower and more accessible.

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