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1 What makes BYRSSA different from other platforms? 

For start-ups: BYRSSA focusses of the pre-seed space where it is often difficult to generate funding and get visibility for your idea. The market place provides you with an easily accessible platform to showcase your product, idea and/or company. Using BYRSSA, you can generate a simple Investment Readiness Report, and when you have found an investor, you can move to the next step of formalising the interest using a SAFE agreement. 

For Investors: By providing your details to become a member of the BYRSSA market place, you will have first access to any new innovations and get the chance to be the first to strike up talks with the founders. You will have access to all start-ups and their full information packages as and when they are added to the market place.

-If you see an interesting idea that fits with your investment scope, you have the freedom to contact the founders directly.

-We will keep you in the loop with any new start-ups that fall within your area of interest. We therefore ask you to fill in as much information as possible when signing up on so we can keep you informed of anything that will be of special interest to you. 

2 How can I see which start-ups are connected to the market? 

We encourage you to have a sneak peek on the market place and discover who else is around.

3 I can only see a few details about any of the start-ups. How do I get a full report?

In order to have full access to the information pack and data on the featured start-ups, please sign up for a BYRSSA membership. At the market place, after clicking on 'Read More' you will have the opportunity to fill in your details to apply for membership of the BYRSSA platform. This applies to investors and start-ups alike. Your details will be kept securely by the BYRSSA team.

If you are an investor, you will have access to contact details of start-ups and receive regular updates on start-ups and new additions. If you are interested to know more about a start-up venture, you are invited to contact the appropriate founder directly, or one of the BYRSSA team.  

4 What does it cost to be added to the BYRSSA market?

Being listed on the BYRSSA market and receiving exposure to investors is entirely free. Also the self-assessment through the Investment Readiness Questionnaire and the associated report is free. We strongly recommend to run the assessment as it provides relevant feedback about your investment readiness.

If you are an investor: you can have access to the market place free of charge. The BYRSSA team will keep your contact details securely and only make them available if you give permission.


5 What are the steps and which documentation should a start-up provide to be added to the market?

Step 1: Sign up for membership of the platform by filling in the registration form via the Start-ups page, or contact a BYRSSA team member directly for further guidance. 

Step 2: Provide as much documentation as you can, including at least logo, pitch, product or company sheet, and other materials you have already in place.

Step 3: Carry out a self assessment by filling in our simple Investment Readiness Questionnaire. This will then be available to investors that are members of BYRSSA.

Step 4: Your addition to the BYRSSA market will be highly publicised by the team, using LinkedIn and other channels. 

Step 5: If an investor is ready to support you, a SAFE contract can be drawn up directly between you and the investor. You can use this SAFE contract consequently with any new interested parties. The BYRSSA team will support you in the generation of this SAFE agreement. 

6  What is a SAFE agreement? 

SAFE stands for Simple Agreement for Future Equity. It is a formal contract between an early stage investor and a start-up and/or its founders, giving investors the right to buy equity in a start-up at a future date when the start-up has another round of fundraising. It is based on 3 principles:

  • A SAFE offers simple, standardised terms. In Europe, the SAFE can be drawn up with slight modifications to fit with local legal frameworks, where needed.

  • A SAFE provides a balance between the investor's and the founder's interests in terms of risk and potential reward.

  • SAFEs act as a cost efficient way to postpone the difficult task of determining how much a start-up is worth. The SAFE agreement makes sure that pre seed investors obtain their shares at the same price as the Future priced seed or series A investor, or better.

7 Which jurisdiction is chosen for my SAFE?

The SAFE has to be compliant with the corporate laws of the start-up’s country of incorporation.

8 How do I get a SAFE contract in place?

BYRSSA takes care of the creation of a SAFE contract conforming to the Jurisdiction of the start-up. For some countries the SAFE is readily available, in others it still has to be ordered. You can obtain more information from the BYRSSA sales team.

9 Do you also provide support for funding to start-up companies on BYRSSA? What kind of support can I expect?

BYRSSA is not a licensed investment advisor. This means that BYRSSA cannot promote investments in any of its listed start-ups. However, BYRSSA does inform its followers/investors and its listed investors about new listings. In addition BYRSSA continuously attracts new investors to its digital market place.


10 What can I expect to get if my start-up is added to the market?

With the free listing of your start-up on BYRSSA, you benefit from the awareness that BYRSSA continues to build in the global market. Your pitch, Investment Readiness Report and product sheet are downloadable for registered investors who may discover your firm. If and when you decide to launch a SAFE fundraising round and you have ordered a BYRSSA SAFE contract, an official announcement to the community will be published and distributed through LinkedIn and other channels.


11 How do I get access to investors?


To join the market, fill in your details via the Start-ups page. Once we have done some basic checks and added you, you will be invited to profile yourself and your firm in order to attract the most appropriate investment opportunities. Investors are following the BYRSSA pages and will contact you in case of interest.


12 Can I see or approach any investors or VC that are signed up to the market or do I wait for them to come to me?


The BYRSSA community of investors is known to and maintained by the BYRSSA team. The investors however prefer not to feature on the marketplace. If they have an interest in your start-up they will reach out to you.


13 How many investors will have access to my company’s proposal?

Every registered investor, private or institutional, has access to your company’s data and submitted files.


14 Can investors contact me directly?

Yes, of course! Provide all your contact details so investors and reach out to you easily.

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