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Looking for Opportunities, Insight & Liquidity
Welcome to the Byrssa start-up information page and thank you for spending some time with us!
It is our mission to help you find the right and rewarding investment opportunities in a flourishing Fintech ecosystem.


Benefits of joining the Byrssa ecosystem

  • Single ecosystem oriented open marketplace

  • Real equity in digitized format 

  • Minimal administrative overhead

  • Access to early stage start-ups with limited risk

  • No intermediaries

  • 100 pct secure

  • Investment quality assessment tools

  • Contextual benchmarking

  • Easy exit

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As the unique Forum Romanum, Byrssa Fintech Market is developing into a bustling marketplace where financial professionals meet and greet, get to know each other and conclude financial deals and transactions.
On the Byrssa platform you first of all will meet numerous fintech start-ups, each with its own characteristics and specialities, one better fitting than the other. You also get the opportunity to interact with other important players in the ecosystem, such as the industry bodies and multiple vendors/service providers in the sector. Last but not least your peer investors will be there as well. At the end of the day, they share the hunt for return.

We encourage you to have a sneak peek on the market place and discover who else is around.
If and when you sign up for a Byrssa membership the Byrssa realm will truly open up. You are invited to profile yourself and your firm for attracting the most appropriate investment opportunities.
If and when you decide you want to invest in one or more start-ups , you may want to take advantage of the market offering digitalized assets, so-called Security Tokens. They combine the speed and flexibility of the digital world with the security of real regulated assets. 
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Interested in the Byrssa concept?

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