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The search for money is a universally given. It is the oxygen and water of the global economy and nothing can function without it. There are multiple ways in which an individual can earn money. The most exciting way to generate income is starting a company, developing a product and bringing it to market. The most challenging way is exactly the same.


An annoying fact for a starter is the need for cash, before it can be generated by the business. There are multiple ways to try and find the cash required to set up the company and to generate the first revenues. They are very dispersed however and all require  a huge amount of effort and time with generally a very low success rate. Professional investors looking for reasonable risk and return were looking at and reading about the fintech industry. They were appealed by the numerous success stories but equally pushed back by the lack of fundamental and reliable data. They also were confronted with multiple platforms offering investment opportunities but found all and nothing at the same time. 


Both groups were looking at Drebbel, the technology broker firm founded by Gabriela and Willem, to help them set their compass on the ocean of fintech opportunities. Having navigated the fintech seas for more than 10 years, Gabriela and Willem decided that the time and technology were ripe for a new market. It should be digital or it should not be at all.


The Byrssa idea was born and shortly after the birth, a bright, clever and entrepreneurial young man presented himself to help Gabriela and Willem to turn the idea into a product. That young man is Matthias. He completed the Byrssa triumvirate that built the “Forum Digitalum Romanum”.

Meet The Team


Gabriela Homolova

Chief Executive Officer

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Willem Lambrechts

Sales and Industry expert

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De Deyn

Chief Technology Officer

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