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The search for money is a universal given. It is the oxygen and water of the global economy and nothing can function without it. The most exciting way to generate income is starting a company, developing a product and bringing it to market. Yet this is also the most challenging way.
The inherent need for cash before it can be generated by the business can hamper a startup’s initial creativity and growth. There are multiple avenues in the quest for investment required to set up the company and to generate the first revenues. Yet spending energy and focus on these dispersed channels is often frustrating and monopolises valuable time for low yields. 

The BYRSSA story

Professional investors looking for reasonable risk and return have been attracted to the fintech industry. The numerous success stories are appealing but the lack of fundamental and reliable data is equally discouraging. Multiple platforms offer investment opportunities but here you find all and nothing at the same time.

At BYRSSA Ventures, founding partners Gabriela Homolova and Willem Lambrechts provide experience in connecting specialised fintech and regtech providers with financial institutions, leveraging an international network of local partners. Having navigated the fintech seas for more than 10 years, Gabriela and Willem decided that the time and technology were ripe for a new digital market to bring startups and investors together in a safe, transparent and fully digitalised way.
With the expert help of entrepreneur Matthias De Deyn, the BYRSSA idea was born and in 2022 the first startups joined the platform. In 2023 Nicoleta Dragus and Heather Dumoulin came on board to further enhance the team with specialised startup and sales expertise.

Meet The Team


Gabriela Homolova

Chief Executive Officer

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Willem Lambrechts

Chief Revenue Officer

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De Deyn

Chief Technology Officer

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Heather Dumoulin

Associate Partner

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Nicoleta Dragus

Associate Partner

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