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Welcome to BYRSSA


BYRSSA is a trusted European digital execution platform

for SAFE based seed funding.

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BYRSSA makes the investment process as seamless and transparent as possible and helps startups every step of the way

We offer immediate exposure to 300+ investors

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BYRSSA assists in finding the most relevant investment opportunities suited to your needs and interests.​

BYRSSA connects startups with the right investors and helps with fundraising and equity issuance.

BYRSSA benefits

“The BYRSSA Investment Readiness Report helped us to finetune the scudi business pitch. Thanks to the use of the Belgian law compliant SAFE contract, the legal and terms sheet process became remarkably simple and straight forward. The platform's prominent presence in the fintech start-up eco-system and systematic outreach to the early stage investors  led to significant visibility across the European business angels community.”

Maarten Van Doorslaer,

2140 Consulting

“We supported the BYRSSA team in researching the implementation of Blockchain and STO technology in the BYRSSA platform. They are driven entrepreneurs with vision, ambition, and the knowledge and skills in house to make BYRSSA a success. We believe that the application of Blockchain and STO technology is the right choice to support the complex ecosystem of the BYRSSA platform, since it is the best technology to bring together investors and startups / scaleups in a safe, efficient, well-arranged and transparent way."
"Excellent idea to connect offer and demand on a larger scale. The use of decentralised ledgers assures a more fit for purpose approach, which allows collaboration at scale. The BYRSSA approach takes all stakeholders into account, doesn't boil the ocean and will provide a blueprint for other similar offer and demand challenges."
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Registered address

Na Petynce 2445/27a,

CZ-169 00 Prague

Visitors addresses

Latemstraat 82,

B-9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

9 Rue du Laboratoire,

1911 Luxembourg

Pernerova 676/51, 

CZ-186 00 Prague 8

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